Hello. I'm Alexander Nazarov. I design and develop mobile applications and components.

Besides of that I occasionally take photos, ski, cycle. However most often I find myself living ordinary life in Russia, so far away from snow, mountains and even ocean.

Jan 2017 – Jun 2019

Netology-group, foxford.ru
Mobile Development Team Leader

Improved development process by adopting Scrum, CI/CD, e2e-testing. Redesigned company apps and reimplemented them on React Native according to actual UX-trends. Adopted Firebase platform for A/B testing, analytics, push-notifications and remote configuration.

Dec 2015 – Jul 2016

Publishing House 1st September
Full-Stack Developer

Designed, developed, tested and launched digital textbook store, integrated with Drofa and Prosvestchenie publishing houses and their apps.

Sep 2014 – Oct 2015

Publishing House Prosvestchenie
Mobile Development Team Leader

Designed, developed, tested and launched access-management and content-distribution system for digital textbooks. Developed and launched iOS app for digital textbook. Managed Android and Windows app development. Designed and implemented DRM system.

Apr 2014 – Dec 2014

Eruditor Group, profi.ru
Senior Backend Developer

Optimized, refactored and supported existing data-processing system.

Sep 2013 – Mar 2014

Nemo Group, nemo.tv
Senior Frontend Developer

SmartTV application development.

Apr 2012 – Mar 2013

SUP Media, livejournal.com
Senior Frontend Developer

Refactored templating system, improved overall system architecture and performance. Refactored inbox (internal site messaging system) and re-implemented frontend with new design.

Oct 2011 – Apr 2012

SUP Media, livejournal.com
Junior Backend Developer

Refactored and optimized commenting system, significantly improved site performance.


  • - macOS, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD
  • - JavaScript (React Native, node.js, CoffeeScript)
  • - C/Objective-C, iOS
  • - Perl (Catalyst, Mojolicious, DBIx::Class)
  • - Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • - Bash


  • - PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • - MongoDB, Redis, ELK Stack
  • - Make, GCC, GDB, Vim, Xcode, Sketch, Kite Compositor
  • - Firebase, Travis CI, Codeclimate, Fabric
  • - Detox, Jest, Sentry, Crashlytics


  • - HTTP
  • - HLS
  • - XMPP
  • - OAuth
  • - JSON-RPC
  • - IMAP
  • - WebSocket
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